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Coast and beaches

There is a number of beautiful beaches in Socotra with white sands or pebbles. The shores extend for miles and miles; the longest sandy continuous beach (over 20km) is located on the northern coast, in Ghubbah, and provides the main nesting site for loggerhead turtles Caretta caretta. Another well known long sandy beach is located on the southern coast of the island, neighboring with the wonderful sight of the sand dunes. Cobble beaches occur along parts of the Noged plain on the southern coast and on the northern coast near Hadibo, in Ras Qadama, Qadheb and Rosh.

You can enjoy swimming and lying on the beaches wearing swimming suit or bikini, but topless sunbathing or even nudism are not allowed. Apart from eco-campsites, beaches are not equipped with any infrastructure: mats, umbrellas, refreshments and also mask/flippers for snorkeling will be provided by our organisation.

 Delisha is a sandy beach not far from Hadibo. You can enjoy soaking in quiet sea water, sunbathing and stunning view to a huge sand dune leaning against a rock massive. Be aware that there are strong currants around Delicia and swimming further from the beach is dangerous.

Dihamri is a must for its coral reef and rich fish colonies that can be found immediately after stepping into the sea. Even though there is no sandy beach but rocky shore, you will love swimming in the calm and safe bay of Dihamri with a view to the pair of characteristically red rocky outcrops. If you are lucky enough, you will meet two sea turtles that live in Dihamri.

Rosh is an ideal spot for sunbathing far from curious eyes of locals. From the campsite, it is separated by a strip of subtle trees called saebra and mitrer. Beach is cull of dead corals and you will be busy picking beautiful sea shells. If you get tired of the sun, set out for a hike to Hoq cave located in the granite massive above Rosh. Renting a boat is also possible.

Arher is a magic place where you will feel like on a mountain meadow in the Alps. After passing a couple of sand dunes, you will suddenly end up by a fresh water creek and green grass around it. However above your head, there will be massive sand dunes waiting for you to climb them.

Aomak is a long sandy beach on the southern coast. The Indian Ocean might be too rough for you but you can indulge the tropical paradise resting in a palm leaf shelter. From Amak it is not far to magnificent sand dunes in Noget.

Shouab is not that easy to reach. The best arrival is on a boat rented from Qalansiya from which you can spot dolphins. There is also a new road leading to Shouab but such kind of transport is not that exciting. It is worth to stay in Shouab overnight because the place with sandy beach and mangroves looks the best in sunset.

Ditwah lagoon next to Qaansiya on the western tip of the island is one of the most charming places on Socotra. You can enjoy the sandy tongue of Ditwah Bay with turquoise water and relatively strong waves. Be aware of sea currents! You can sunbathe and play in the sand dunes. But be careful – there is no shelter to hide away from sun.

Ghoba is the longest beach on the island stretching up to 20 km. The place is well known as a sea turtle nesting site during April and May. Therefore expect monitoring patrols in the night recording numbers of Loggerhead Turtles and guarding the place from smugglers.