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Getting to Socotra


Monsoons long made the archipelago inaccessible from June to September each year. However, in July 1999, a new airport opened Socotra to the outside world year round, with both Yemenia Airways and Felix Airways providing flights to Sana’a, Aden or Sharjah and Dubai (Emirates). Most of the  flights stop at Riyan-Mukalla  Airport (ICAO code “RIY”).

Socotra International Airport (“OYSQ”) is located about 12 km (8 mi) west of the main city, Hadibo, close to the third largest town in the archipelago, Qād̨ub.  

Unfortunatly no bus or taxi service is available on arrival and it is strongly suggested to book  in advance your transfer from airpot  to Hadibo or protected areas




Sana’a route*

- Yemania Airways offer the following flights:

Sunday morning

Socotra (10.05) – Sana’a (12.50)

Monday morning

Sana’a (7.00) – Mukalla  – Socotra (9.45)

Socotra (10.30) – Mukalla – Sana’a (13.15)

Wednesday morning

Sana’a (7.00) – Socotra (9.45)


- Felix Airways offer two  flights per week (Sana’a/Socotra)

Wednesday aftenoon

Sana’a (13.00) – Mukalla  – Socotra (15.25)

Socotra (15.55) – Mukalla – Sana’a (18.20)

Saturday morning

Sana’a (7.00) – Mukalla  – Socotra (09.25)

Socotra (09.55) – Mukalla – Sana’a (12.20)


 * Sana’a is the beutifull capital of Yemen. While many are still afraid of Yemen mainland, Sanaa actually now is quite a safe city. In the case of flights to Socotra through Sana’a you will meet our representative  at airport from where they will arrange your stay in the capital of Yemen.

We advise to take place in Sana’a one full day and pay attention to shopping. For example, in Sanaa, you can buy great coffee, which you do not buy anywhere else.



Emirates route

- Felix Airways offer the following flights:

Sharjah (12.40) – Mukalla –  Socotra (15.25) ONLY ON WEDNESDAY

Socotra (9.55)  -  Mukalla –  Sharjah (14.50)  ONLY ON SATURDAY


- Yemania Airways offer the following flights:

Dubai (8.10) direct to Socotra (9.25) ONLY ON  SUNDAY

Socotra (10.30) direct to Dubai (12.55) ONLY ON WEDNESDAY


We make every effort to maintain an updated fligh schedule but nevertheless we suggest strongly to check Yemenia ( and Felix Airways ( websites for the most up to date flight schedules, to avoid booking on suspended or cancelled routes


No ferries from mainland to Socotra!! 



At the moment people from most nationality need advanced issued visa to enter Yemen.

  • Visa are  issued by Yemen Embassy/Consulate (when operating in different Countries: Japon, USA, France, Emirates…)
  • Visa are issued by Ministery of Foreing Affairs (MOFA) in Sana’a, previus agreement with a local agency.Socotra Dream Tours & Travels can prepare visa issued by Ministery of Foreing Affairs and will assist you at immigration offices in Sana’a or Mukalla/Socotra airport at your arrival. You will receive in advance a PDF copy of visa to print and keep with you for check in from your country. You will have original visa and stamp on arrival in Sana’a or Socotra (via Sharjah)
  • You can either get visa from the Yemeni Consulate in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

When having visa through Embassy or Consulate Socotra Dream  Tours & Travels will prepare an invitation letter for your stay in Socotra .

For more information, please contact us:


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