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What to pack

Have you packed appropriate belongings?

a) Comfortable, unformal, light cloths (remember this is a muslim country);

b) Sun glasses, sun lotion and head cover;

c) Comfortable walking shoes or trekking sandals (sharp stones are common also on some beaches);

d) You might prefer your own personal equipment for snorkelling and a spare T-shirt to avoid sunburns on your back while swimming

e) Jumper, wind-cheater and thick socks if you camp overnight on the mountains

f) Thin sleeping bag for overnights on the coast: modern tents, mattresses, blankets and pillows are provided at different eco-camping sites.

g) Repellent for mosquitoes on the sunset.

h) Wet wipes or similar tissues for personal hygiene when water will not be available.

i) A torch will be very handy on overnight camping and when visiting caves

l) Take necessary precautions for passport and valuables.

m) You need cash since there are not AMT on the island and credit cards are not accepted

Power supply:

220V, 50Hz; plugs are generally the round two-pin type commonly used in Europe as well as the three-pin type found in the UK

Please Note:

Electricity is only available at Hadibo and then mostly in the evenings and at night. We Recommend you bring a car charger (working on the cigarette lighter).


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