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Means of transport

An excellent paved road runs along the north shore from Qalansiyah to Hadibo and then to the Dihamri area; and another paved road, from the northern coast to the southern through the Dixsam Plateau.

Public transport on Socotra is limited to infrequent minibuses to Qalansiyah and to the villages on northeastern coast.

Taxis are available only as a kind of rent-a-car service of four-wheel-drive vehicles with drivers.

Car hire usually means hiring a 4WD car with driver.

Ships connect the only Socotra port – 5 km (3 mi) east of Hadibo – with the Yemeni coastal city of Al Mukalla. According to information from the ports, the journey takes 2–3 days and the service is used mostly for cargo.

Yemenia and Felix Airways  fly from Socotra Airport  to Sana’a  and Aden via Al Mukalla (RIY — Riyan Airport).