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Diving and snorkeling

Under water world around Socotra is amazing and just invite you to explore dephts by diving or snorkeling. Here the scenaries are characterized by endemic species from the coral reef; rocks and also sends can lodge surprising colorfull fishes, crustaceans, shellfishes, mollusks and algae. Socotra island is home to more than 680 species of fish and about 230 species of hard corals (five are endemic) and 30 species of soft corals. In addition to 300 species of crustacean (nine are endemic), 490 species of mollusks, and 230 species of algae. Crystal clear waters and the likelihood of viewing species like barracudas, monkfish, dolphins, rays and even mantas are the main reasons why lovers of this sport consider the island of Socotra more and more for their diving holidays.

Snorkeling is possible everywhere apart from draught places but for diving  there is  a main site, Dihamri Protected Area, and some more places (Rosh, Adho, Ras Irsal,  Shoub) where to go by car and  slim boats powered with outboard engine: generally, 15 minute boats rides to the sites in fishing boats.

The dives are mainly on sand flats, at about 60 feet, covered with coral heads. Being relatively undived the coral condition is superb with an incredible amount of fish life – nurse and  whitetipped sharks, skates, reys, eels, turtles and schools and schools of fish. Also in the Shoub site you will visit some wrecks often just covered in blankets of fish. Drift dives no buoys. Visibility is still fine at around 50 feet.

Socotra is devoted to eco-tourism and  scuba-diving is just an emerging activity, that not so many people know. Basic equipment for all diving location can be hired on the island. A limited amount of spare equipment is available for renting (diving computer, wetsuit, BCD, gloves & booties, tank, fins, snorkel, mask, weights, regulator, fill up tank…). Some customer used  their own 5 mm wetsuits.