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Relaxing: nature and local traditions

For those with a love for untouched nature, Socotra Island is just the right adventure. You just have to come to feel and see this incomparable landscape. You will never forget those few days of a very special break from every day routine in civilization!



Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the nature. If you have a thirst of adventure, to experience fascinating indigenous nature, magnificent, panoramic spectacles, beautiful reefs along a coast of endless and empty sand beaches, mountain views, and unique wild-life, you will be all the more enticed when you know you will have them all to yourself. Fresh fish will be caught from the sea and will be barbequed on the camping area.

Socotra Dream Tours & Travels can carry all the camping equipment and cooking gear in wild areas or you can choose any of the several campsites like Dihamri, Aomak and Homhil. These camps offer accommodations, catering and quality facilities and services. There are some limitations concerning luxury, but you will find a strange satisfaction and happiness and feel that you do not need as much as you thought: a bit of water for washing, a good meal and warm sleeping surrounded by virgin nature.  All of this will be appreciated and considered an integral portion of an unforgettable adventure.

Moreover you will have opportunities to talk to locals that sometimes arrive at campsites just to share a meal or a tea with visitors, spending time on stories about Socotra, the legends of the sea and of course the “outside world”, so far from Socotra.

During your stay, evening traditional dances with drums, near a fire on the beaches, can be also organized and since really appreciated by locals, will attract many people from surrounding villages and Hadibo.


Sunrises and Sunsets

No matter whether you arrive by car or any other means of transfer, a certain sense at adventure will strike you once you see the sunrise over the endless vast planes. Experience some of the most beautiful sunsets you can hope to see: enjoy a leisurely swim and an appetizer while you wait for your sunset experience.


Discover plants

Socotris have gathered an incredible knowledge in traditional medicine using herbs, plants and sea products. Ashop with traditional medicine is still open in Hadibo enjoying the same trust of its customers than modern pharmacies. The highland forest trees have provided the islanders with useful resins, gums, tannins, dyes, medicines, juices, scented woods, such as the famous cinnabar.

The resin from Socotran Frankincense Tree (Boswellia socotrana) is used as incense and in medical treatments of inflammation and pain. For more detail click here and here.

Dragon’s blood is a bright red resin that is obtained from different species of a number of distinct plant genera: Croton, Dracaena, Daemonorops, Calamus rotang and Pterocarpus. The red resin was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye. It continues to be employed for the mentioned purposes by some locals. People from the mainland often ask Socotra visitors to bring them dragon blood to stop post delivery and nose bleeding. Sabr made of the sap of Socotri aloe is also highly demanded.

For these natural treasures, it is extremely interesting to take a botanical tour on Socotra with a trained guide who will show you important plants and also traditional way of their use. You will see and in’shallah taste yellow berries of the tree Ziziphus spina-christi which branches were actually used to make Jesus Christ’s thorn crown. The tour will be concluded in Adeeb’s nursery just outside of Hadibo where endemic and important plants are grown to be returned back into its original habitats. Some of the plants from the nursery such as little dragon blood trees you won’t be able to see in the wild.

Another traditional use of flowering plants is henna (Lawsonia inermis),  a natural dye used by older men for their hair and beards but also by women as skin decoration, taking the form of surprising Arabian designs on hands and feet; decoration can be black or natural (brown) and is not permanent but fades away after a few weeks. For ladies intersted in this arabian tradition it is possible to book a professional artist of hands and feet and have your own personal treatment.