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Surfing, kite-surfing and paragliding

Surfing on Socotra island only began few years ago, when professionals and surf lovers realized the excellent condition that this region was offering. Some of the coasts are rough and steep and the rooks at the bottom of the sea generate not only excellent waves but also require some precautions. For experienced surfers and kite-surfers Socotra is a real adventure with world-ranked high waves.

The winds sweep away Socotra all the time, but the strengh and direction change during the year; wind is NorthEast and not so strong from September/October to May; it is mainly SouthWest strong monsoon from May to August (that time we call “windy season”). The best time to come for ”wind adventure”  is during the monsoon season from June up to late August.

The south coast of Socotra is fairly calm, while north usually is more affected by strong waves. The winds blow in Hadibo day and night in summer at about 80 kph, only slacking off most days for an hour or two in the afternoon to perhaps 60kph. Gusts have been recorded at the port area, Howlaf, at 180kph. At this time the temperature drops by about 5 degrees centigrade in the nights, but it is not really a time for normal tourism except for surfing. The weather is still calm in the middle of the island and the south, so it is possible to make tours on the other side of the island (the southern west side). There are no rains accompanying these winds.

The boeing aircraft land and take off safely throughout this period, because the airstrip is straight up and down the wind direction allowing planes land and take off straight into the wind.


Top off an exciting day with some fun surfing with very strong winds (about 8 ft average waves in the morning). Some of the coasts are rough and steep and the rooks at the bottom of the sea generate not only excellent waves but also require some precautions. Surfing is only recommended for experienced surfers. You should bring a tow board over 7 feet and a smaller board. And if you are a beginner you should be careful with the rock formation and stones. The best hotspots are the sea port near Hadibo, Ras Irsil, Shouab, Qalansiya, Aomak.


You must be a skilled surfer for windy season of June and July (see youtube adventure in 2007, the site is Mahferhin located in the south-eastern part of the island, where winds are not so strong

Technical information (on statistical base) are awailable on (Hadibo-airport) and (Qulansiyah, a village on north west coast of Socotra).

So you will have planty of wind in windy season, sure!!! but if you want mild windy strenght and decide to come before, we can move you all the time in different part of the island and find your best wind for that day (from West to East and from North to South, no problem, somewhere there will be wind on the island!!)

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Dramatic landscapes of Socotra create wonderful spots for paragliding. The best locations are Dirhor Canyon, Momi, Irsil. Paragliding is still rather exceptional sport on Socotra so do not forget to bring all equipment needed.

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